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To Anyone considering doing business with Enchanted Ridge/Anna/Aaron Goodnoe OR WITH ANY ANIMAL BREEDER - ESPECIALLY ONLINE:

Buyers, please read this carefully BEFORE you buy any puppy or animal on-line, especially from Enchanted Ridge. Please understand that ALL claims I list here, are backed-up by EVIDENCE from vetinarian reports and test results to support it. I would welcome any sincere buyer to contact me with any questions. This is a TRUE experience here with no exaggerations. I'M NOT A BREEDER nor do I breed any of my dogs. I have no financial incentive or gain whatsoever in reporting my experience. I have NOTHING to gain from reporting my experience. My only intention is to hopefully save as many trusting buyers as I can out there from the horrific experience I have gone through with Enchanted Ridge and Anna and Aaron Goodnoe. As you will conclude after reading my story, Enchanted Ridge, by definition of the amount of dogs they have, (35+ 3-4 litters every 3 months-count them, they are on their website) IS A PUPPY MILL. There just TWO adults (Aaron works full-time so really there is just Anna) to care for these 35+ dogs + 3-4 litters. Now tell me, how can anyone keep a disease free environment with that many dogs and no staff to care for them in a RESIDENTIAL HOME???

Please read my experience carefully:

I purchased two puppies from Enchanted Ridge in Nov. 2007. I live in CA so they had to be shipped to me by plane. Anna has multiple vetinerarians that she uses to get 'clearance' to ship puppies at 8 wks of age regardless of their health condition. She was able to get clearance from some irresponsible vetinarian to ship two puppies to me at 8 wks who were sick with a host of issues. We noticed their bellies were swollen, they had diarrhea, and patches of hair loss. We took them to the vet the very next day after receiving them. The vet tested them and the results came back positive on BOTH PUPPIES for: (trust me, I have documentation to prove all of this)

1) Giarrdia (parasite disease from other infected animals);

2) Coccidia (another parasite disease from other infected animals);

3) MANGE (a parasitic skin disease caused by microscopic mites and causes hair loss. All dogs (and many humans) have a few of these mites on their skin. As long as the body's immune system is functioning, these mites cause no harm. Mange most often occurs when a dog has an immature immune system, allowing the mites to grow rapidly.)

I had to spend several hundreds of dollars for medication, stool samples, and vet visits. I emailed Enchanted Ridge letting them know about this situation and neither Anna nor Aaron called or wrote back to check on the condition of the puppies they sold me or even acknowledged my email to them on their condition. This should tell you something about their claim that they care about their animals. Because these diseases are so contagious, I had to quaranteen the puppies and we could not let them kiss us or lick us which was the hardest thing to do with new puppies.

FINALLY, after about 3 months of medication/treatment/office visits, the parasite diseases went away. The mange persisted for 8 months on the boy puppy. I had to wait longer to neuter him because of the mange. Now please take a look at the vebiage on Enchanted Ridge's contract regarding MANGE:

'We do not cover any type of mange as we have no control of the environment the puppy is in. Please know that mange is not always hereditary in fact in most cases it is caused by stress or if the puppy/dog gets sick in any way. Note: Mange is treatable and is not life threatening if treated properly.'

Isn't absurd to you that they say 'we have no control of the environment the

puppy is in?' These puppies came from an environment with 35+ dogs and you mean to tell me they have no control over the environment the puppies are in? Yeah, they sure don't because they have TOO MANY dogs to care for so they can't possibly keep the environment clean enough to sell healthy puppies. To further show the depth of their dishonesty, Aaron Goodnoe tried to tell me that the airlines could have given them dirty water in transit and that's what gave them the mange. This couldn't be further from the truth as the airlines (Northwest) confirmed they do NOT give any water or food to the puppies because it's against the airline policy.

OK, so if this isn't enough to convince you of how deceitful these people, keep on reading...

The girl puppy I bought from Enchanted Ridge started limping in July 2008 (about 3 months ago) when she was 9 months old. I took her into the vet and the vet confirmed she has Medial Patellar Luxation in her back right leg. This means that her knee cap goes in and out of the socket and over time if not surgically fixed, it will cause severe arthritis to the point of not being able to walk.

To make matters worse, after a few weeks, my puppy started limping on her back left leg and even falling to the ground when both knee caps go out at the same time. The vet confirmed the severity requires surgery within the next 3-6 months or it could get severely worse to the point of not being able to walk. Medial Patellar Luxation is common in small dogs BUT IT IS A HEREDITARY DISEASE which means Enchanted Ridge must have known they have this disease in their line of dogs they have bred. Another reason why I know they have knowledge of this disease in their line of dogs is because they told me I should ship my puppy to them for their vet to do the surgery because it would be 1/2 the price in North Dakota vs. CA. Now tell me, how would they know that???

Now READ CAREFULLY how their health guarantee is worded. In all fairness, I have noted many breeders online have similar wording for their health guarantee. Until something happens, you don't even realize how these breeders use your emotional attachment to the dogs to basically write a very DECEPTIVE 'HEATH GUARANTEE'. Please read this verbiage from Enchanted Ridge's contract:

'We will cover any genetic life threatening problems. We will refund you 50% of your money or give you another puppy of the same value when we (breeder) have one. A replacement or refund will be made provided that the dog is returned with his/her AKC papers, the vet report and is confirmed by our (seller) vet. We will not cover or refund shipping to us or back to you or veterinarian charges in any way and are your (buyers) responsibility.'

Now think about it. You buy your puppy. You take care of it, you love it, you nuture it. And now a few months later, or even say 6 months later as in my case, you find out it has some genetic disease (i.e. Medial Patellar Luxation) that requires a surgery that costs $3,000 - $6,000 to fix. Would you return the puppy to the breeder for a 'replacement' puppy? Would you pay shipping costs to ship your puppy from CA to North Dakota to THEIR same vetinarian who authorized them to ship sick puppies to you in the first place??? Of course not!!! That is exactly what Enchanted Ridge will expect you to do when you end up in a situation like mine where your puppy is sick and needs surgery.

See, these breeders know that the majority of people will not send their puppies back and they have no legal obligation to do anything for you in such situations. It is extremely nauseating that so many breeders are continuing to breed dogs and other animals so irresponsibly with no consequences for their actions. Please do yourself a favor and do not end up like me, shelling out tons of money to fix the mistakes made by irresponsible, greedy, money-hungry breeders like Enchanted Ridge.

Please also be aware that Anna Goodnoe lies about airline costs and makes money off people for her time to take the puppies to the airport. It is her right to charge for her time but she is dishonest about what she is charging you for. Call the airlines or go on their website and find out what they really charge for shipping animals in the size kennel she uses and you will see that she is making at least another $200 off of her customers. Well, I suppose she can say she uses this money for the kennel, puppy blanket, and small bag of food she sends that she says 'comes' with the puppies. Even paying for these items still leaves her with some profit.

She is also dishonest about what paypal charges her for transactions. If you decide to pay through paypal, Anna will charge you 4% of the transaction and tell you she charges you only what paypal charges her. I confirmed with paypal that they only charge business accts. 1 - 1.5%. Here is another opportunity to make more profit from you. It's not that the profit is wrong - it's her way of making the profit that is unethical. If she were just honest, none this would matter to most people, including myself. What bothers me is that she lies about these extra charges.

Lastly, Enchanted Ridge said they would honor their '1 year health guarantee' in my case without shipping my puppy to her vet in North Dakota. They said they would do this by paying 50% of the surgery with confirmed X-rays by their vet. So I paid $100 for digital X-rays and asked her for her address or her vet's to send it. She refused to provide the address and instead asked me to email the web link to the digital X-rays.

I emailed the link to her and waited, and waited, and waited. She continued to lead me on for 3 weeks while she said her vet was at some conference. I kept emailing her every week to check on the status. Finally, I became convinced that I was wasting my time with this breeder and decided not to deal with her anymore. When I emailed her my decision, all of sudden, she claims that she emailed me stating the web link I sent her for the X-rays didn't work. This was just another LIE to stall her living up to her word of paying %50 of the surgery. I pretty much knew she had no intention of doing the right thing but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

It's obvious what kind of people they are after reading this experience, isn't it??? Please, please, do not make the same mistake I made. Go to the pound and adopt a homeless dog or puppy. Don't buy a puppy/animal online. I wish I would have done this. I will NEVER EVER EVER BUY ANOTHER DOG OR ANIMAL ONLINE AGAIN OR FROM ANY OTHER BREEDER AGAIN. We need to put these breeders out of business and start helping the unwanted animals that keep overcrowding our humane societies each and every day. Because so many people (including myself) continue to buy dogs from breeders, we are responsible for contributing to their irresponsible breeding and mistakes. By supporting breeders, we are reducing the chance for homeless dogs to have a 2nd chance at life. Please do yourself a favor and DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH ENCHANTED RIDGE. YOU WILL BE SORRY.

Thank you for your time. I hope this experience helps someone.

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