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I searched long and hard for a breeder and a min pin that I wanted. I finally found a breeder who was willing to sell me a min pin with full registration. I wanted show/breed quality male and informed the breeder of this. I paid in Full for a puppy and shipping in Jan and Feb of 2008 via PayPal.

Jan. 29, 2008 Payment to Anna Goodnoe Completed Details -$104.00 USD $0.00 USD -$104.00 USD for deposit on unborn puppy

Feb. 22, 2008 Payment to Anna Goodnoe Completed Details -$312.00 USD $0.00 USD -$312.00 USD for deposit and shipping after puppy was born

Feb. 22, 2008 Payment to Anna Goodnoe Completed Details -$24.00 USD $0.00 USD -$24.00 USD for PayPal fees

Feb. 22, 2008 Payment to Anna Goodnoe Completed Details -$700.00 USD $0.00 USD -$700.00 USD remaining balance for puppy

I was willing to wait for the right puppy, the puppy she offered at that time had a white spot on his chest and I told Anna Goodnoe that a white spot would be unacceptable for show/breed quality. She indicated she would move me to another litter. This went on for several months until she finally produced an acceptable puppy. I signed the puppy contract for a litter from Justice and Boo. She set me several pictures and I was happily awaiting the arrival of my new puppy. For the first several weeks, she was acting funny about the puppy I did not know what to make of it. When it came time to ship him, she said there was a problem and she could not ship him right away she indicated she would email me when she had more information. The next time I heard from her she said she couldn't ship because it was too hot, she didn't have time to travel with him and wanted me to move to yet another litter and if I still wanted my original puppy I would have to send extra money and if I wanted to be moved to another litter I had to pay extra money or I forfeit all money I have already paid. I am through dealing with this breeder. She got my hopes up for a puppy and then wants more money or I get nothing. I am afraid if I send any more money I will just be throwing, more money away and never see the money back or the puppy. I hope you can help me. While waiting for the puppy to be delivered, Anna Goodnoe took the "breeding" puppy and had him fixed.

Her name is Anna Goodnoe of Enchanted Ridge Min Pins. Her phone number is (701) 240-3221. My family and I are devastated by the swindle this breeder is running. She sent pictures of the puppy and showed my children she took me for over $1100.00 and attempts to defraud more money with every call or communication. Please stop this breeder from falsely selling AKC registered puppies, it seems like she maybe defrauding more then just my family.


Phoenix, Arizona


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I bought a little girl from Anna about a year ago, when I picked her up she had very little hair even though she was already 6 months old.The vet was concerned about this, come to find out she had a sever skin infection, causing hair not to grow.

After this problem got resolved I noticed Chloe limping around the house and in the yard. I took her to the vet and he did X Rays but nothing was wrong. I ran into Anna at petsmart and asked her if any of her other min pins had leg problems. Of course she said no.

At the time I didn't think much of it. This past summer we moved to Germany and could not take Chloe with us, Anna had told me she would buy Chloe back from me if we ever moved and could not take her with us. So I called her and asked if she still would buy her back from me. Of course she said yes, that day I dropped Chloe off with her.

The next day she called telling me Chloe's leg was broken and she needed a $1200 surgery. I told her I would take Chloe to our vet for a second opinion (because we had already had her leg checked out) but she refused. She also told me that she would not pay the $700 to be for getting Chloe back.

I'm so mad to know she really was lying just trying to get more $ off of me!DO NOT BUY FROM ENCHANTED RIDGE MIN PINS!!!


I had tried to contact these people for the intent of possible purchase of a pup.Well, the first part of the conversation went fine, then when she started asking questions about people I knew in the dog world Anna got cold towards me.

As it turns out, one of her unhappy customers is a person that I know. She initially was going to sell me a pup, let me come to her place and pick one out, then she changed her tune and said she didn't have any for sale and that they were moving and I was not supposed to contact her again because of all the stress she was under because of the up coming move. All the time in the back ground you could hear the dogs barking and fighting and she would excuse herself to yell and throw things (it sounded like) at the dogs. She had even told someone "put the mutts back in the pens, they are getting on my nerves".

Now to me that doesn't sound like anyone who treats their dogs like their kids. I had also been looking over their web page. What a joke, and if you look closely you can see some of the pages of dogs from the mothers and fathers are not the same dogs who they claim they are. So that tells me that they can't even tell the dogs apart, or they think that everyone is so nieve and would never notice or question.

And my guess is that if it was ever brought up to them they would come up with some story to cover their butts like the web master made a mistake or it is an off spring of the advertised parent.I am so glad...

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Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #40426

I was giddy about all the trouble the Goodnoe's are facing.They have been nothing but a thorn in the min pin worlds for years.

They have no idea what dog breeds with what dog.

Most breeders are keep their dogs separated for a reason but these pair let matings happen that should never happen and sell the pups as healthy min pins.I agree with Marie, SAVE THE DOGS, CASTERATE THE BREEDERS


IF you want a sick, in bred min pin, here is the place to go: ANNA GOODNOE.

Let the name speak for itself GOOD...NO!The poor pup we got from her was diagnosed with alopecia and sever joint problems.

This poor little baby will never enjoy running like ANNA AND AARON GOODNOE. Instead, she can barely walk without her little walker and can't survive without her sweaters. If I would have wanted a naked mole rat I would have bought one, but I thought I was buying a reputable min pin from a reputable place. Boy was I fooled.

If I only knew know what I knew then!

What a scam artist she is, over priced for sick animals.I just wish that she will in turn get treated the same when it is her time to meet her maker.


I had purchased two min pins from ANNA and GOT NOTHING BUT A HORRIBLE TIME!!!After receiving the two pups, which were not supposed to be related in any shape or form, I had them blood tested and found that they were so in bred that they could have been their own parents!

They had to be put down because of the inbreeding and joint problems. I felt so sorry for the pups to ever have had to grow up there short lives in the conditions that they did. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM IF YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!!!!

If anything, help save the dogs!!!!!Castrate the breeders!

Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #36840


Please go to the Arizona State University web page and follow the link at the top right hand side of the page for "Directory".Type in my first and last name, if you are uncertain of my last name you can always check Anna's webpage.

My email address will be displayed for you.

Please email me so we can discuss your incident.I might have suggestions on how you can collect your money.

Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #36823

She made certain that I saw it, she sent me the link in an email.It's funny that she provides half truths mixed up with her lies.

I printed it , it's more evidence I can present to the judge.

If you read my ripoffreport, all emails are there for the public to judge for themselves.Please post your ripoffreport, I'm interested in your story.


Hey Bev

Check out on "we will not be intimidated".


If she truly wasn't intimidated she wouldn't have spent all that time and effort saying she wasn't!And having to explain her EVERYTHING!


Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #36317

I also got a dog from her, it was so unhealthy it was put to sleep 3 days after I got it.She is a bad breeder.

I hope she gets put out of business.Enchanted Ridge doesn't care and didn't offer a replacement or refund my money

Kuwait City, Al Asimah Governorate, Kuwait #35107

Thanks Karla, I'm in the process of suing them, I'm certain they won't show. It's part of their M.O. However, my state gives you the option to garnish wages, it's a little more paperwork to have the garnishment judgment transmitted to their state but it's probably the only way to get their attention and get my money back. Feel free to contact me Karla, I would encourage you to contact all the agencies she advertises with to report her.




and any other's you can find. The more complaints they have about her operations the less likely they'd be willing to carry her on their website. I'd also suggest contacting Lupine collars and letting them know about your complaint and her bad business practices. They might not want to be associated with a breeder like her. I have already received numerous emails regarding Anna and Aaron Goodnoe. It's also a good idea to contact other breeders who are associated with her. The local min pin clubs might want to be notified as well.

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